Aquaponic farming: harnessing natural processes for an urban circular economy

Rendering of the ECF Farmsystems facility in Berlin, Germany. Author provided This article was co-written with Alexis Figeac. The term waste describes materials or products that are no longer of use. In a linear economy, it accumulates as an undesired by-product of economic activity. Waste and environmental hazards are commonplace throughout the current industrialized food … Read more

Food security: vertical farming sounds fantastic until you consider its energy use

Intelligent Growth Solutions A company in Scotland has unveiled what it claims is arguably the world’s most technically advanced indoor farm. Intelligent Growth Solutions’ vertical farm uses artificial intelligence and specially designed power and communication technologies. The firm says this reduces energy costs by 50% and labour costs by 80% when compared to other indoor … Read more

Urban farms won’t feed our cities, but they’re still a great idea – here’s why

Mike Hardman, Author provided Large-scale urban agriculture is on the rise globally, with more and more farms appearing in our cities. A far cry from allotments and community gardens, urban farms occupy much bigger spaces; they can employ people, regenerate huge neighbourhoods and give residents access to fresh produce on their doorsteps. The practice has … Read more

The sustainable vegetables that thrive on a diet of fish poo

Who needs soil when you have a fish tank? “Aquaponics” combines growing plants in water, or hydroponics, with fish cultivation, or aquaculture. It’s a symbiotic process that has its roots in Asian farming practices reaching back thousands of years. When used well, aquaponics can increase local food production and make communities more resilient – all … Read more