How Entrepreneurs Can Drive Food Systems Change

During a recent event hosted by Harvard’s Food Literacy Project, Seth Goldman, a sustainable food innovator and entrepreneur, argued that food companies can help eaters make more sustainable decisions through their products. According to a recent report from Purdue University’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability, consumers want more sustainable food options. As the … Read more

Companies Urge Congress to Help Fight Food Waste

Grubhub and other businesses are advocating for Congress to pass legislation that will make it easier for farmers and companies to donate surplus food and cut food waste. “We’ve all heard of stories during the pandemic, and even before the pandemic, where it was cheaper for farmers to let crops rot than to than to … Read more

New App Combats Deforestation and Boosts Profits in Brazilian Amazon

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon hit a record high at the start of the year, according to data from the Brazilian government. The new AmazonPasto app, released by Instituto Ouro Verde (IOV), a Brazilian non-governmental organization, and the University of Exeter, aims to protect the environment and help small-scale farmers earn a living in deforested areas. In a silvopastoral system—a type of … Read more

What Extreme Heat Means for Crop Productivity

A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that the climate crisis has adversely affected or resulted in the loss of ecosystems and global warming will likely reach or exceed 1.5°C in the near-term. Agricultural experts say that these changes are already threatening crop productivity around the world. Extreme heat has a … Read more

7 Tips to Slash Food Waste at Home

Households are some of the biggest contributors to food waste in the United States, according to research from ReFED. The organization reports that households generate 30 million surplus food tons, or 37 percent, of all food waste in the U.S. Almost half ended up in landfills, where it emits harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to … Read more

Global Food Security During the War in Ukraine: Rising Prices and the Danger of Famine In Africa and Asia

This is the third in a series from the frontlines of Russia’s war against Ukraine by Vitalii Dankevych, an Economics Professor at Polissia National University. Read parts one and two. His bravery and commitment to writing about these issues literally while under siege and volunteering in his community is inspiring. I stand with him and … Read more

22 Global Medical Professionals Practicing Food as Medicine

Foods high in sodium, sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meat, and trans-fat are responsible for 11 million global deaths from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes, a study in The Lancet reports. But the concept of food as medicine may provide a way to build, restore, and maintain better … Read more

Is Fake Meat a False Promise? New Report Exposes the Politics of Alternative Proteins

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) recently released the Politics of Protein report, calling for policymakers and consumers to redirect support from alternative proteins toward local and sustainable food systems. Alternative proteins include lab- or cultured-meat and fish products, plant-based substitutes, and dairy and egg alternatives. In 2020, the alternative protein … Read more

New Book Lifts Up Traditional Farming Practices as a Solution to the Climate Crisis

In her new book, Healing Grounds, Liz Carlisle highlights the stories of Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian American farmers who are practicing traditional, regenerative agricultural practices. When practiced correctly, Carlisle argues these agricultural techniques can act as tools to combat the climate crisis.  “I came out of this book with a deep realization that, yes, … Read more