Apeel Sciences Secures New Funding to Fight Food Waste

The California-based company Apeel Sciences recently secured additional funding to increase the availability of their longer-lasting produce, helping advance their mission to reduce global food waste. Apeel produces an edible peel technology that acts as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging. The company recently announced that it is adding US$250 million in funding, bringing their … Read more

A ‘Game Changer’ Law May Help Black Farmers Secure Threatened Land Legacies

Since the start of 2021, seven states and the District of Columbia have introduced a law that could address devastating land loss that disproportionately affects African-American farmers. They join the 18 states that enacted the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (UPHPA) between 2012 and 2020 to address the phenomenon of heirs’ property. Advocates call this … Read more

Can Forgotten Cemeteries Help Restore Biodiversity?

Friends of Warren Ferris Cemetery, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas, is working to transform cemetaries into sanctuaries for wildlife and native plants. For more than a century, Warren Angus Ferris cemetery was a neglected site, overgrown with invasive plant species. But in 2018, local resident Julie Ann Fineman decided to restore the land and recover its … Read more

20 Foragers Inspiring Environmental Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic had an unexpected side effect—more and more people are foraging for wild foods. Foraging can be a simple, often sustainable, and safe way to engage with nature and increase dietary diversity. But experts warn that foragers should be cautious and keep the health of the planet in mind. Unsustainable foraging practices can harm … Read more