Uplifting the Black Food Narrative

On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Dani talks with Chefs Tonya and David Thomas of H3irloom Food Group, a multi-dimensional culinary organization spanning catering, events, products, educational platforms, and sustainability through farming that strives to uplift the Black food narrative. “As much as it is about trying to push forward, it is about us reaching … Read more

OpEd: The Healthful Mirage: Milk Versus Milk Analogues

Misleading Marketing Is an Important Issue Worth Discussing I appreciate the opportunity to provide a counterpoint to Danielle Nierenberg’s recent commentary, Dear FDA: Stop Worrying About Milk vs. “Milk” And Focus on Actual Food Issues. When some of the big dairy interests started complaining about plant-based beverages being described as “milk,” my take on it … Read more

Scaling Agroecology: “Why Is Something So Compelling Also So Contentious?”

“Some might say agroecology is catching on in the world, and it is true that the momentum is undeniable,” says Pierre Ferrand, Agricultural Officer at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. “But why is something so compelling also so contentious?” Ferrand moderated a recent Asian regional dialogue … Read more

In the Driest Region of the World, Water Offers Peace

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, countries use over 80 percent of their water resources in agriculture, according to a U.N. Children’s Fund report. As climate change and migration exacerbate already scarce water supplies, The Blue Peace Strategy is working to promote transboundary cooperation and help ensure food security and political stability … Read more

Denmark to Roll Out New State-Run Climate Label for Food

Denmark will establish a state-controlled climate label in order to help residents purchase more environmentally-friendly foods. According to a report by the Danish Council on Climate change, the average Dane can reduce the environmental impact of their diet by 31-45 percent if they follow Denmark’s dietary guidelines. These guidelines are based on the EAT-Lancet diet—a … Read more

The Inequality Pandemic: Agribusiness Billionaires Profit from Pain in Oxfam Brief

A recent research brief from Oxfam International, Profiting from Pain, uncovers the massive wealth inequalities that contribute to global food insecurity. While prices of food, energy, and other basic items rose from 2019 to 2022, the brief finds companies including Cargill and Walmart earned more than they have over the last 23 years. Oxfam reports … Read more

Loiter Is Reimagining a New Future for East Cleveland

Based in East Cleveland, Ohio, Loiter is a nonprofit organization working to uplift its city’s residents by developing successful, community-owned businesses. Through this work, Loiter’s Co-Founder, Chef Ismail Samad, hopes to address the effects of systemic racial and economic injustice. Using their 3.5 acres, Loiter provides residents with support to develop and operate successful businesses, … Read more