Easy Container Gardening with Herbs

Container gardening is a great way to get your garden started or keep you fingers in the pot all year long. Using easy to grow herbs in your containers adds the benefit of having fresh seasonings for your social distancing culinary explorations. Here are a few ideas for easy to grow herbs for your window … Read more

Bioluminescence in Soil Organisms

Thanks to the Soil Science Society of America for permission to reprint this article about bioluminescence in soil organisms by Yamina Pressler of Colorado State University. The article originally appeared in the SSSA blog, soilsmatter.wordpress.com Soil is the living, breathing skin of the earth – it is literally alive. Every handful of soil is home … Read more

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is a day people worldwide engage in conversation and action about protecting the planet. Today, that conversation continues to be for the most part a virtual one due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but so important as we’ve seen the clearing of the air, literally, since less people have been moving about in their … Read more

20 Sustainable Eating Cookbooks

Sustainable eating is an important way to benefit the earth and your health but what to make? This list of 20 sustainable eating cookbooks from Food Tank reflect a growing and transforming food system. From local and sustainable to delicious and creative, these 20 sustainable eating cookbooks include dishes and anecdotes that are perfect for … Read more

7 Eco Travel Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint when you plan your next vacation with these 7 eco travel tips from Eco News Network. Before You Go 1. Book an eco travel focused hotel. You can get all of the comforts you want in a hotel and still select an eco travel option almost anywhere in the world. From … Read more

Mattress Recycling Tips

Looking for mattress recycling tips? Check out this info from Tuck Sleep on how to reducing the amount of waste in landfills with mattress recycling. Did you know that nearly 8,000 mattresses find their way into landfills every day? While eco-friendly mattresses are on the market, we still have to dispose of the old ones. … Read more

Fall skin care tips

These six fall skin care tips will keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and looking great throughout the fall season.1. Eat those fall veggies. Remember when your mother or father told you to always eat your vegetables? Well, they were definitely onto something! Eatingwell.com says fall veggies like broccoli, cabbage, chard, and squash are not only delicious but have health benefits too! … Read more

Plan a Fall Beach Getaway

Planning a fall beach getaway is a great way to extend the summer season and enjoy the outdoors with beach and water fun. Here are two super fall beach getaway options that boast extensive sustainability initiatives and lots of fun. Amelia Island, Florida Fall Beach Getaway If you’re thinking about taking an eco-friendly fall beach getaway, then … Read more

7 Natural Lawn and Garden Care Tips

Americans are obsessed with having the perfect lawn but much of what it takes for that to happen is damaging to the environment around us. Lawn fertilizers do not stay on the lawn. The nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizers can travel great distances, ending up in the groundwater supply and the water we drink. They … Read more