Eliminating Single Use Plastics, One Product at a Time

The Zero Waste Campaign by One Step Closer (OSC) is working to inspire companies and consumers to reduce and eliminate single use plastics from products, packaging, and personal lives.

The campaign features an action platform where industry leaders and consumers can come together to combat plastic waste. “We all have a role to play when it comes to sustainable packaging,” Alyssa Harding, OSC’s Packaging Collaborative Director, tells Food Tank. “The campaign is designed to help us know our power and influence.”

The campaign also calls on companies and consumers to take action through its policy platform. The platform, offered through the American Sustainable Business Network, highlights policies that improve infrastructure, labeling, and extended producer responsibility within the packaging industry. Featured policies include the Break Free From Plastic Act and the Compost Act.

With more than 70 brands committed to the campaign and multiple policy objectives for 2022, OSC is expanding the campaign’s scope to continue raising awareness, celebrating industry progress, and mobilizing policy momentum and community impact.

The campaign encourages companies to embark on a Zero Waste Journey one packaging solution at a time. Since the campaign’s launch, over 50 companies committed to transition at least one packaging material to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. These brands include Numi Tea, Plastic Suppliers Inc., and Clover Sonoma Dairy.

“When these companies share their stories of progress, other brands can see that it is possible for their products too,” Harding tells Food Tank. 

They are also engaging consumers through webinars, volunteer events, and a social media campaign intended to empower people leading a zero-waste lifestyle. According to Harding, “consumers vote every day with their dollar when they purchase their favorite products, which is a really powerful level for change.”

“Our hope is that a circular materials economy will become a more common term, and that as part of building awareness and mapping out pathways to action, that industry members and consumers will continue to push for more sustainable packaging solutions year over year,” Harding tells Food Tank.

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Photo courtesy of Nariman Mosharrafa, Unsplash

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