Complete the National Young Farmer Survey and Help Build a Better Farming Future

The National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC), in partnership with other agricultural justice organizations, recently launched the 2022 National Young Farmer Survey. They will use the survey to gather data on the challenges and opportunities that young farmers face and inform advocacy efforts in advance of the 2023 Farm Bill.

The survey, which highlights land access, the climate crisis, and credit, is open to working and former farmers and farm workers. Available online, it will remain open to responses through the end of March.

The NYFC releases the National Young Farmer Survey every five years to obtain an up-to-date picture of the future of the agricultural sector. With a push to include more young and BIPOC farmers, they hope that the 2022 survey will be the most inclusive one to date.

“The National Young Farmer Survey is the most powerful tool we have to advocate for the needs and priorities of the next generation of farmers in federal policy,” Katherine Un, Organizing and Advocacy Director of NYFC, tells Food Tank. “We are asking that all young and BIPOC farmers, former farmers, and farm workers take this survey, and let lawmakers hear directly from you; tell them what support you need to make your farming dreams possible.”

Previous surveys helped NYFC develop recommendations included in the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills. They hope that this survey will help them accomplish similar results, allowing them to advocate for a 2023 Farm Bill that addresses the greatest challenges that young and BIPOC farmers face.

“This 2023 Farm Bill is an opportunity for us to win bold justice, climate action, and land access for this new generation of working farmers,” Un says.

Complete the survey now by accessing it HERE.

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