The 1000 Farms Initiative Investigates Regenerative Agriculture Across the U.S.

The Ecdysis Foundation is launching a study that aims to investigate regenerative agriculture across the United States. The 1000 Farms Initiative is one of the largest projects to date that will gather data on agricultural management practices, soil and water health, biodiversity, and profits on more than 1,000 farms and ranches. “What this project is intended to … Read more

Ditch Coke: Sustainable Drink Alternatives on the Rise

Tractor Beverage Company is working to offer healthier, sustainable beverage alternatives to restaurants across the United States. The company aims to minimize waste and deliver higher returns to farmer partners. Tractor Beverage Company sources organic, non-GMO ingredients from farms around the world. Its beverage line offers 20 flavors, including Blossom ‘N Spice made with orange … Read more

16 Organizations Redefining the Future of Livestock Management

Globally, more than 80 billion land animals are bred, raised, and slaughtered annually, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture organization. A recent study published in Nature Food finds that global food production accounts for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. The rearing of animals creates twice the pollution of cultivating … Read more

FoodShot Global Awards Winners For Their Work In Researching Protein to Transform Food Systems

FoodShot Global, a platform promoting transformative food systems solutions, recently announced the winners of its second MoonShot for Better Food Challenge, Precision Protein. The Precision Protein FoodShot calls for research investigating the role protein can play in building a food system that promotes planetary and human health. “In conversations about protein, you often end up … Read more

Upcycled Certified™ Products Projected to Prevent Millions of Pounds of Annual Food Waste

New data from the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) shows upcycled products are having an unprecedented and growing impact on the ability to prevent food waste. The organization predicts that the 141 Upcycled Certified products and ingredients they have certified will have the ability to prevent more than 703 million pounds of food waste per year. “Upcycled foods use ingredients … Read more

Complete the National Young Farmer Survey and Help Build a Better Farming Future

The National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC), in partnership with other agricultural justice organizations, recently launched the 2022 National Young Farmer Survey. They will use the survey to gather data on the challenges and opportunities that young farmers face and inform advocacy efforts in advance of the 2023 Farm Bill. The survey, which highlights land access, … Read more

Near Country Provisions Brings Sustainable Meats to DMV Doorsteps

Near Country Provisions is a company aiming to deliver high-quality, sustainable meats and fish to residents of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.  The company sources its products from farmer and fisher partners who are committed to specific, high standards of clean, humane, and regenerative production. These standards include one hundred percent grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and … Read more

Food Tank’s Winter 2022 Book List: Resources to Strengthen Local Food Systems

Kick off 2022 with these 20 books recommended by Food Tank. Trace the history of corn in Helen Anne Curry’s Endangered Maize and discover the roots of modern conservation strategies. Or join the efforts to fight climate change from your kitchen with the plant-based recipes in Alejandra Schrader’s The Low-Carbon Cookbook & Action Plan. If … Read more

U.S. Fishing Communities Fear Effects of Offshore Wind

By 2023 the first commercial-scale wind farm, constructed by Vineyard Wind, is expected to deliver enough energy to Massachusetts to power 400,000 homes and businesses. But fishing communities are pushing back against development, arguing that it will alter natural ecosystems and negatively impact livelihoods. In 2016, the first wind farm in the United States was … Read more

Are Alternative Meats a Good Option For The Environment?

According to a recent report from the nonprofit organization FoodPrint, plant-based meat alternatives are unlikely to replace factory-farmed meat. Demand for plant-based meat is on the rise around the world. An analysis from the Plant Based Foods Association and Good Food Institute finds that sales of plant-based products in the United States are up 27 percent in 2020 from … Read more