What Are the Best Solar Companies in North Carolina? (2022)

If you’re a home or business owner looking to take advantage of the many solar incentives in the Tar Heel state, it can be difficult to narrow down which installer to choose. Here, we’ll narrow down 10 of the
best solar companies in North Carolina to make your decision a little easier.

North Carolina has long been a leader in effective renewable energy policy and regulation. Proactive government support led to surging numbers of
solar installations, especially in the commercial solar sector, setting the groundwork for a clean, bright and profitable future in the state.

For many North Carolina homeowners, the decision to invest in a solar energy system
comes down to cost. To see how much you would pay to install a solar panel system on your roof, you can get a free, no-obligation quote from a local top solar company by using this tool or filling out the form below.

Our Picks for Top North Carolina Solar Installers

8M Solar
NC Solar Now
Sunpro Solar
Blue Raven Solar
Renu Energy Solutions
Emerald Energy
Covenant Solar Tech
Cape Fear Solar Solutions
Powerhome Solar
Duke Energy

Comparing the 10 Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

8M Solar

Location: Statewide; based in Wake Forest

What We Like: 8M Solar is one of the best solar companies in North Carolina if you’re looking for a straightforward way to go green and decrease monthly utility costs. 8M claims that its costs are, on average, 10% lower than competitor prices. Industry expertise, best-in-class technology, robust warranties and affordable pricing make 8M Solar a top choice.

What We Don’t Like: It’s difficult to find anything we don’t like about 8M Solar, but if we had to choose, 8M’s third-party solar financing partners don’t always match the quality of 8M’s customer service.

What Customers Are Saying: “I chose 8M because of their customer service, premium warranties, and product selection all while still being competitively priced… They are very responsive to questions you have and keep you updated on the project status the entire time.” — Robert C. via the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

8M at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2009Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, repairs, removals and reinstallsWarranty: 25-year product and workmanship warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan

NC Solar Now

Location: Statewide; based in Raleigh

What We Like: NC Solar Now is a great all-around option for anyone looking to embrace the promise of clean solar power and energy efficiency. It is locally owned and operated, offers flexible pricing for both residential and commercial properties and can help you take advantage of all available solar incentives and rebates.

What We Don’t Like: NC Solar Now has such a straightforward process that it’s possible to lose some customization along the way. That being said, NC Solar Now’s appeal is its ability to keep things simple, and effective.

What Customers Are Saying: “I have dealt with several solar companies, but this is the most professional, customer-friendly company I have dealt with… Once you discuss your needs with them, you will not want to go to anyone else.” – Simon C. via BBB

NC Solar Now at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2010Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, ground-mounted solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and moreWarranty: Lifetime warranty on roof penetrations, 25-year product warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan

Sunpro Solar

Location: Statewide availability; national provider

What We Like: Sunpro offers cost-effective pricing, some of the best solar panels on the market and an all-inclusive warranty that allows you to save big bucks on your home utility bills. SunPro takes a lot of pride in having first-class customer service and promises your satisfaction with the production of your system, or you’ll get a check for the difference.

What We Don’t Like: Sunpro’s size makes it vulnerable to issues in communication, especially after the installation.

What Customers Are Saying: “Great company! I had my solar and roof installed a couple months ago. Everyone and everything was great and went very smoothly… Now I have a new roof, a nice tax credit, and practically non-existent light bill.” – Jeremy C. via BBB

Sunpro Solar at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2008Services Provided: Solar panel, backup battery and EV charger installationsWarranty: 25-year workmanship, production and product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan, solar lease, power purchase agreement (PPA)Learn More: Sunpro Solar review

​Blue Raven Solar

Location: Statewide availability; national provider

What We Like: Blue Raven Solar offers a comprehensive solar energy service, including surveying, solar panel system design, installation and more. The company also offers highly competitive pricing and excellent in-house solar financing options (including $0 down). It has received rave reviews from customers as one of the best solar companies in North Carolina.

What We Don’t Like: Though not its specialty, Blue Raven Solar could expand its services to include backup battery installations and solar leases.

What Customers Are Saying: “Blue Raven Solar ranks at the top with customer service. They are professional, thorough, friendly and have a great product. We highly recommend them for your solar.” – Jeff H. via BBB

Blue Raven Solar at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2004Services Provided: Solar panel installationsWarranty: 25-year manufacturer and product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, in-house solar loansLearn More: Blue Raven Solar review

Renu Energy Solutions

Location: Statewide, based in Charlotte

What We Like: This locally owned and operated company has been one of the Charlotte area’s most trusted names in solar energy. Its expertise in North Carolina solar policy and its variety of flexible financing solutions make it a tough choice to beat.

What We Don’t Like: Renu Energy Solutions focuses solely on solar, storage and EV solutions. Though that’s fairly standard, we like to see company’s that place some emphasis on overall home efficiency upgrades in addition to solar equipment.

What Customers Are Saying: “We received three quotes for our solar installation. We decided to pay a premium in order to use Renu Energy Solutions, and we have no regrets. The staff and installation crew were all professional and there was excellent communication throughout the process.” – John G. via BBB

Renu Energy Solutions at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2010Services Provided: Solar panel, backup battery and EV charger installationsWarranty: 25-year manufacturer and product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

​Emerald Energy

Location: Statewide; based in Raleigh

What We Like: For a fully licensed local contractor with real clean energy bona fides, Emerald Energy is one of the best companies you’ll find. It understands the complexities of solar financing and incentives and has proven expertise to help you take full advantage of the many solar rebates and incentives offered in North Carolina.

What We Don’t Like: Emerald Energy is another company where shortcomings are hard to find. Emerald Energy chooses to focus on selling solar panels but could strengthen its services by including lease options.

What Customers Are Saying: “I’m very satisfied with the whole experience going solar. Emerald Energy has been very responsive and proactive with all my questions and went above and beyond to get the project done right. I highly recommend this company!” – Laura L. via BBB

Emerald Energy at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2009Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, solar attic fans, EV chargers and moreWarranty: 25-year manufacturer and product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

​Covenant Solar & Roofing

Location: Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Apex, Cary, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas; based in Raleigh

What We Like: Covenant Solar & Roofing, also known as Covenant Solar Tech, is a reliable choice for high-quality workmanship on your home. For those exploring rooftop solar energy options, Covenant offers a full spectrum of services and boasts immaculate customer reviews.

What We Don’t Like: Covenant’s solar prices are more than reasonable, but the company doesn’t provide as many financing resources as it could. That being said, its customers don’t seem to mind.

What Customers Are Saying: We are very happy that we decided, after a lot of research into different companies in the area, to go with [Covenant] for our solar project… I probably had more questions and concerns than the average customer, but each time I reached out, they were patient with me and took the time to explain how things work.” – Alex F. via BBB

Covenant Solar & Roofing at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2011Services Provided: Solar panel, solar roofs, roofing and backup battery installationsWarranty: 25-year manufacturer and product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

​Cape Fear Solar Solutions

Location: Southeastern North Carolina, approximately 75 miles around Wilmington and Raleigh

What We Like: A heavily localized approach allows Cape Fear Solar Solutions to help its customers reap the full benefits of North Carolina’s solar incentives long after installation. This post-installation support is key for customers to get the most out of their systems, as policies and rebates often change with time.

What We Don’t Like: Cape Fear’s product portfolio is wide, offering Tesla products and LG and SunPower solar panels, but it isn’t certified to install brands like Enphase, one of the top solar manufacturers of inverters.

What Customers Are Saying: Compared to other contractors … in the area, Cape Fear Solar has been the best to deal with. If solar is something you are thinking about, it is at least worth it to have a free on-site evaluation done.” – Tony G. via Yelp

Cape Fear Solar Solutions at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2007Services Provided: Solar panel, backup battery, EV charger and attic fan installationsWarranty: 25-year combined power and product warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

Powerhome Solar

Location: Statewide; based in Mooresville

What We Like: If you’re looking for a company that understands the big picture of solar, try speaking with Powerhome Solar. This top North Carolina installer deploys a practical approach to generate savings while lowering your impact and reliance on conventional energy.

What We Don’t Like: Some customers have reported inconsistencies between the solar proposal and actual power production of the system. Powerhome Solar has been growing so quickly that a few low-quality proposals have managed to slip through the cracks.

What Customers Are Saying: “The guy who came out for the informational meeting was thorough, and was patient when I said I didn’t want to sign any paperwork that day, because I needed to think about it. It made me very comfortable that I wasn’t pushed to sign anything right away.” – Amanda J. via BBB

Powerhome Solar at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2014Services Provided: Solar panel and backup battery installationsWarranty: Up to 30-year linear power performance and 25-year product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

Duke Energy​

Location: Statewide, based in Charlotte

What We Like: Duke Energy has made some admirable and innovative commitments to renewable energy in recent years, making clean energy accessible to a wide range of customers. The only utility-scale company on our list, Duke Energy has raised the national standard for sustainable energy generation and infrastructure through its work with solar energy.

What We Don’t Like: By nature, Duke Energy is a utility energy provider, meaning that you can’t purchase solar panels directly from it. However, we included Duke as a top solar company due to its solar leases/PPAs and proactive approach to solar rebates, net metering, community solar and energy-efficiency services.

What Customers Are Saying: Any large-scale utility provider is going to receive some complaints, and Duke Energy is no exception. However, most customers who explore Duke’s solar energy services praise its initiative in laying the groundwork for a sustainable energy future in North Carolina.

Duke Energy at a Glance:

Year Founded: 1904Services Provided: Utility-scale energy, community solar projects, solar leases/PPAsWarranty: Home protection plansFinancing Options: Solar leases/PPAs, community solar (shared solar)

How We Chose the Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

We combed through research surrounding the services, reviews and reputations of as many solar companies in North Carolina as we could find, ranking them impartially. Following
this methodology, we landed on the companies listed above as the best North Carolina solar installers.

How to Find the Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

The high number of quality solar companies in North Carolina means a wide range of specializations and services. When evaluating the best solar companies in North Carolina, we recommend keeping these considerations in mind.
Here’s another helpful resource for finding a local solar installer near you and reading a solar proposal.

Services Offered

The various solar installers in North Carolina will all differ slightly in the services they offer. For example, if you need a new roof and are thinking about installing solar panels on it, Covenant Solar & Roofing would offer the best services for your needs. When you’re considering the best solar company, think about specific features or add-ons you may want, such as energy efficiency packages, EV chargers or
backup batteries. That might help provide some guidance into the best choice for you.

Installation Process

The ease and quality of a solar installation will vary from provider to provider. Larger installers with more resources like Sunpro Solar may be able to pull off a quick and easy installation. If time isn’t an important factor, locally focused companies might offer a more hands-on approach.

When speaking with representatives from the best North Carolina solar companies, ask what the
installation process involves. You may want to avoid companies that hire subcontractors or can’t spell out permitting and net metering processes to you. Most bad solar experiences come from snags during or after installation.

Coverage Areas

North Carolina has a huge number of high-quality solar companies given its size, and some are smaller than others. Bear in mind that not all of the companies listed above cover the entire state of North Carolina, and the greater the distance your chosen solar company is from you, the more the installation will cost (due to transportation fees). For example, if you live in Raleigh, choosing NC Solar Now will likely cost less overall than a company based elsewhere.

Pricing and Financing

We understand that installing solar comes with a significant cost. In response to financial accessibility issues, many solar panel companies now offer more flexible financing. Be sure to ask about your options, and check if loans are offered in-house or by loan partners. Remember, the best way to understand how much solar would cost you is to
compare quotes from a few of the best solar companies in North Carolina.

Types of Panels

Most solar providers differ in which products they consider best (either for their customers or their bottom lines), and different panels, inverters, batteries and chargers will all vary in cost, quality, ethics and warranties. If the
type of panel you install is of specific importance to you, be sure your provider offers it before signing a contract.

Rebates and Tax Credits

North Carolina offers a wide variety of opportunities to claim
solar energy incentives, rebates and federal tax credits to lay the foundation for a more sustainable future in the state. Ask your solar provider for guidance navigating these different savings opportunities, or check the solar incentives in your local area using the DSIRE database.


As with any major purchase, you’ll want some peace of mind that your investment is protected. A solar warranty can provide the trust necessary to make a major financial decision. Luckily, most solar installers provide warranties on their technology and workmanship for 25 years or more, but you’ll definitely want to ask about this upfront.

Cost of Solar in North Carolina

Based on market research and data from top solar panel brands, we found the average current cost of solar in North Carolina to be around $2.54 per watt. Using this average, we can calculate that after applying the federal solar tax credit, a 5-kW solar panel system would cost around $9,398, and a 10-kW system would cost around $18,796.

Any of the best solar companies in North Carolina will be able to help you find local incentives and
solar tax exemptions to reduce your overall project costs. In North Carolina, expertise in the many statewide incentives will be key to securing the most value for your money. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with what’s available in your area, as some cities, like Asheville, offer their own solar rebates.

In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown of North Carolina’s statewide solar incentives:

North Carolina

Solar Incentive

Incentive Overview

Net Metering

Duke Energy and Dominion Energy, the two main utilities in North Carolina, both offer generous
net metering rates as a way to help offset the cost of solar. If you live in the jurisdiction of a local energy co-op, it’s likely net metering is still available, but your rates may vary.

Solar Property Tax Exemption

solar increases your property value, under normal circumstances, you’d have to pay a corresponding increase to your property taxes. But in North Carolina, the state provides property tax exemptions for solar and other qualifying renewable energy equipment.

Duke Energy Solar Rebates

Duke Energy offers annual solar rebates for select commercial and residential solar applications across North Carolina.

Low-Interest Solar Loans

In order to increase the accessibility of solar, North Carolina provides low-interest loans for qualifying solar projects.

Final Thoughts

The Tar Heel State has a great reputation for solar, and a good number of the best North Carolina solar companies have near-spotless reputations among industry groups and customers alike.

Given the political groundwork incentivizing solar, this clean energy source offers tremendous value to customers in North Carolina. With so many solar providers to choose from, there’s a good chance you can also secure a highly competitive price if you take the time to shop around.

To start getting free quotes from the best solar companies in North Carolina, fill out the 30-second form below or use
this tool.

FAQ: Best Solar Companies in North Carolina

What is the most reputable solar company in North Carolina?

North Carolina has a lot of reputable solar companies, so it’s hard to narrow down the list. The best home solar installation company in North Carolina will depend more on your specific energy needs and location. See if you can narrow down our list from there.

Does North Carolina have a tax credit?

All North Carolina home or business owners are eligible for the 26% federal solar tax credit. North Carolina does not offer its own statewide solar tax credit, but the Tar Heel state does offer a number of other incentives that can generate a lot of value.

Is North Carolina a good state for solar panels?

North Carolina is an excellent state for solar panels. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a fairly sunny climate paired with a number of effective incentives to save huge amounts on their investment in solar — and their electric bills.

How many solar companies are in North Carolina?

According to the SEIA, North Carolina has
250+ commercial and residential solar installers. If you’re looking for a solar contractor in your area, it should be easy to find. Remember that these companies are competing for your business, so take your time and talk to as many as you can. Most offer free quotes, and you can then compare what options are available to you.

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