Find the Best Solar Companies in Arizona (2022)

The appeal and popularity of solar energy in Arizona is driven primarily by one simple thing — Arizona is the sunniest state in the U.S., soaking up nearly 6,000 kilo-joules of energy per square meter each year, according to World Population Review. But what are the best solar companies in Arizona to help you take advantage of this abundant renewable energy source?

If you live in this solar paradise and want to start taking advantage of the many benefits of solar, we’ll help you narrow down your options to find the Arizona solar installer that’s right for you. Read on for our reviews of the top 10 solar companies in the state, or get connected to a certified solar company near you right away by using this tool or filling out the free form below.

Our Picks for Top Arizona Solar Installers

Given the ample sunshine in Arizona, there’s a wide variety of reliable and experienced solar installers to choose from. To save you the time of researching them all, here are our top 10 picks for the best solar companies in Arizona:

Sun Valley Solar SolutionsArizona Solar Wave & EnergySunpro SolarSunPower SolarVerde Solar PowerArizona Southwest Solar & ElectricArizona Solar ConceptsSolar ToppsTitan Solar PowerStreamline Solar Power

Comparing the 10 Best Solar Companies in Arizona

​Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Location: Greater Phoenix area; based in Chandler, Arizona

What We Like: Sun Valley Solar Solutions utilizes the very best solar technology on the market. It’s an installer of top solar panels and batteries from manufacturers like Tesla and Generac and offers below-average costs of service. Sun Valley Solar Solutions has technicians certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, is a member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative and has award-winning customer service.

What We Don’t Like: Though it appears its customers rarely need to use it, Sun Valley Solar Solutions only offers a 90-day workmanship warranty, which is much shorter than standard solar warranties.

What Customers Are Saying: “This company is top-notch. They are committed to providing their clients with what you actually need and not what they just want to sell. It will guide you through every option in detail based on your lifestyle and what you will actually need.” — Jay via BBB

Sun Valley Solar at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2006Services Provided: Solar panels, electrical work, electric vehicle chargers, service, operations and maintenance (O&M) and backup battery installationsWarranty: 90-day limited workmanship warranty, up to 25-year product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan and solar lease

​Arizona Solar Wave & Energy

Location: Greater Phoenix area; based in Mesa, Arizona

What We Like: Arizona Solar Wave & Energy is a top-rated solar contractor in the state. It provides best-in-class customer service, uses NABCEP technicians and assists customers looking to navigate all the different rebates and solar incentives offered in Arizona. With over 20 years in the industry, Arizona Solar Wave & Energy has a solid reputation for helping homeowners make the switch to solar.

What We Don’t Like: We’d like to see Arizona Solar Wave & Energy offer more services than exclusively solar panel installations.

What Customers Are Saying: “Arizona Solar Wave & Energy had to work hard to convince me to go with fewer panels — I wanted to fill the roof! My consultant showed me that the right number of panels would have faster payback and still minimize our electric bill.” — Bernie via Google Reviews

Arizona Solar Wave & Energy at a Glance:

Year Founded: 1999Services Provided: Solar panel installationsWarranty: 25-year production warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan

​Sunpro Solar

Location: 21 states, including all of Arizona

What We Like: Sunpro is known for its outstanding customer care, industry-leading warranty and simple process. We rated it the company with the best customer service in the U.S. in our review of best solar companies in the U.S.

What We Don’t Like: Sunpro’s size and quick growth have led to a few unsatisfied customers, however. Some feel they don’t receive enough attention or follow-up after the installation has been completed.

What Customers Are Saying: “Sunpro is a great company to use for solar. They communicated with me as my project progressed. Overall, the experience was pleasant — better than most home improvement contractors. They guarantee my solar production, and I see it already affecting my bills in a positive way.” — Kelly S. via BBB

Sunpro at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2008Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, energy monitoring and moreWarranty: 25-year, all-inclusive warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loanLearn More: Sunpro Solar Review

​SunPower Solar

Location: 50 states, including all of Arizona

What We Like: SunPower’s high-efficiency solar panels are some of the best in the business. We love SunPower’s quality, all-in-one solar systems approach, virtual consultations and online design studio.

What We Don’t Like: SunPower’s national range can make your project a little too dependent on the quality of your local SunPower installer.

What Customers Are Saying: “We have had our panels for about 6-7 years now, and they have performed as advertised. SunPower did replace the inverter several years ago with no fuss, no muss. I highly recommend SunPower for solar power generation.” — Jane N. via the Better Business Bureau

SunPower at a Glance:

Year Founded: 1985Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, electric vehicle chargers, energy monitoring and moreWarranty: 25-year, all-inclusive warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan, solar lease and power purchase agreements (PPAs)Learn More: SunPower Solar Review

​Verde Solar Power

Location: Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde areas; based in Cornville, Arizona

What We Like: Locally owned and operated, the team at Verde Solar Power is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Strong testimonials from its customers speak to Verde Solar Power’s ability to deliver a seamless and quality solar experience. Verde Solar Power has over 25 years of experience servicing its local area in Arizona.

What We Don’t Like: Verde Solar Power’s product portfolio can be a little limiting for customers searching for the top solar brands.

What Customers Are Saying: “Verde Solar Power are true ‘local’ solar experts for the Verde Valley and Prescott… They designed and crafted the best installation for our Sedona home. I did look at other regional and national companies, but they could not match the expertise, price and service history of Verde Solar Power.” — Source Media Group via Google Reviews

Verde Solar Power at a Glance:

Year Founded: 1996Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, off-grid solar, energy monitoring and moreWarranty: 25-year product warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan

​Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric

Location: Southern Arizona; based in Tucson

What We Like: Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric understands that solar energy services entail more than just installing panels. The company offers comprehensive solar and electrical services (such as inspections, repairs, upgrades, remodels and rewiring) to homeowners, helping them increase their energy independence while lowering their monthly electricity bills and environmental impact.

What We Don’t Like: Customers sacrifice access to some top brands like Tesla and Enphase in order to enjoy Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric’s below-average installation costs.

What Customers Are Saying: “Very pleased with their system and install. It’s clean and professional, and even on a cloudy day, I’m still running totally on solar and have been able to push excess power back into the power grid of my electric company. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to switch over to solar.” — Arl via Google Reviews

Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2012Services Provided: Solar panels, backup batteries, energy-efficiency upgrades, electrical rewiring and moreWarranty: 25-year product warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loan

Arizona Solar Concepts​

Location: Greater Phoenix area and beyond; based in Tempe

What We Like: This family-owned and operated company has been helping local homeowners harness the power of the desert sun since 2006, and in that time, it has helped more than 5,000 Arizonans make the switch to solar power. It offers high-quality solar technology, generous warranties and guarantees and is certified by top industry brands like Tesla and SunPower.

What We Don’t Like: Arizona Solar Concepts focuses mainly on solar panel installations, and relative to its competitors, lacks some services that help homeowners with their electrical work and overall efficiency.

What Customers Are Saying: “Great service; works with city permits; works as the utility liaison to ensure everything gets done on time. Does not outsource, and all labor and installations are done by-in house professional resources.” — Evangelina via Google Reviews

Arizona Solar Concepts at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2006Services Provided: Solar panel installation, removal, reinstallation, repairs and Tesla Powerwall installation Warranty: 10-year limited workmanship warranty, up to 25-year product warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans

​Solar Topps

Location: Greater Phoenix area

What We Like: Solar Topps provides easy and efficient consultations, fast installations and customer support representatives who are available 24/7. It is also an authorized dealer of some of the top solar panel brands on the market today, including Panasonic and Enphase.

What We Don’t Like: A few Solar Topps customers have reported long wait times for installations after signing the paperwork. Keep in mind, however, this can often be the fault of backlogs in city permitting or utility offices.

What Customers Are Saying: “Fantastic system install. Great crew of extraordinarily hard workers. Support has been perfect over the last 10 years. Well-engineered solar power system that has outperformed our expectations. APS bill has been ridiculously low after install. Best investment we ever made.” — Tim via Google Reviews

Solar Topps at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2009Services Provided: Solar panel, backup battery and EV charger installationsWarranty: 25-year parts and labor warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans and solar leases

​Titan Solar Power

Location: State of Arizona; based in Mesa

What We Like: One of the nation’s leading solar installers by volume, Titan Solar Power has no shortage of experience bringing solar to homeowners in Arizona. Titan’s biggest strength is its resource base and service area, partnering with local installers to cover huge areas of the nation with a vast product portfolio. Titan Solar Power makes a great choice for homeowners far from the Phoenix area who may have limited access to its local solar companies.

What We Don’t Like: Titan’s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. By partnering with local installers, Titan outsources its work, which can lead to issues in communication and customer service. We’d also like to see Titan expand its product offering to include backup batteries.

What Customers Are Saying: “Good guys who like their work. They joke, support and laugh together as they do what they do best. I love seeing folks work and ‘get it done’ like they did. They worked fast, like they’ve done hundreds of times before, did a great job and I’d definitely recommend them.” — Dale via Google Reviews

Titan Solar Power at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2013Services Provided: Solar panel, backup battery and EV charger installationWarranty: Product-specific warrantiesFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans and solar leases

​Streamline Solar

Location: Phoenix metropolitan area, Havasu, Yuma, Tucson; based in Phoenix

What We Like: Streamline Solar specializes in low-cost, high-quality PV systems for both residential and commercial applications. It is an authorized dealer for some of the top solar panel brands, including Tesla, SunPower, LG and Panasonic, and it custom-designs and installs every system itself. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, AZ-owned solar company, this is an excellent pick.

What We Don’t Like: Streamline Solar has received a few complaints about long waiting periods between signing a contract and the installation itself.

What Customers Are Saying: “A great company to do business with. Needed to remove and replace solar panels to repair underlayment on the roof. I have had solar for 8-plus years. Crew was very prompt and great workers. Very good company, you can get what you pay for. Good value.” — Lee via BBB

Streamline Solar at a Glance:

Year Founded: 2010Services Provided: Solar panel and backup battery installationsWarranty: 25-year product warrantyFinancing Options: Cash purchase, solar loans and solar leases

How We Chose the Best Solar Companies in Arizona

Wondering how we chose the best solar companies in Arizona? We rate installers based on factors such as reputation, costs and financing, services offered, ease of installation process and customer experience. Visit our solar methodology page for more information.

Choosing the Best Solar Installer for Your Home

The best Arizona solar installer will be different for everyone. Each company varies in its location, services, financing and brands, and homeowners will place different weights on each depending on their needs. Overall, here’s what we recommend keeping in mind:

Services Offered

Different solar installers are going to offer slightly different services. Design and installation of solar panels is one thing, but will the company also help install battery storage and an EV charging station for your electric car? Will it provide windows or weatherization to help boost your household’s energy efficiency? You want to choose a full-service solar company whenever possible, unless you can pinpoint your specific needs.

Installation Process

Before you hire a solar company, it’s helpful to ask about the installation process. Though it may seem simple, the process can vary a lot from company to company. Find out what the customization and design elements of solar panels will encompass. Also, keep in mind that some companies, like Titan Solar Power, hire third-party contractors to perform the work. Never assume anything when working with a solar installer.

Pricing and Financing

Installing solar panels is a significant investment on the front end, but ultimately pays for itself in tax credits and monthly electric bill savings. If that initial investment is a bit steep for you, you can always ask about solar payment plans and leasing opportunities. You never know what might be available to you until you ask.

Industry Affiliations

To ensure that the solar provider you hire is reputable and reliable, we recommend hiring a company that’s held in high regard within the industry. Specifically, look for a provider with Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) affiliation and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification.

Types of Panels

If you have your sights set on some of the best solar panel brands, it’s important to check that the company you’re speaking to is certified to install that brand. Most companies will post their certifications on their websites. If not, you can ask about brands when speaking to a solar energy consultant from one of Arizona’s solar installers.

Incentives, Rebates and Tax Credits

As we mentioned, there are rebates and tax incentives to help offset the initial cost of your solar installation. Look for a solar company that can help you navigate these offers and obtain the savings you need.


Most solar installers will include a warranty on their products and services, with 25-year warranties being the industry norm. These warranties can give some much-needed peace of mind that both the technology and workmanship behind your new photovoltaic system will hold up over the years.

Cost of Solar in Arizona

Based on market research and data from top solar panel brands, we found the average current cost of solar in Arizona to be around $2.61 per watt. Using this average, we can calculate that after applying the federal solar tax credit, a 5-kW solar panel system would cost around $9,657 and a 10-kW system would cost around $19,314.

The best solar companies in Arizona should have no trouble helping you find and apply for

local incentives and solar tax exemptions to offset a chunk of your solar costs.

Here’s a rundown of Arizona’s solar incentives:

Arizona Solar Incentive

Arizona Solar Incentive Overview

Arizona Residential Solar Energy Tax Credit

A state solar tax credit of 25% is available for residential solar systems in Arizona (maximum $1,000 personal income tax reduction).

Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption

Arizona offers a property tax exemption on the added property value from solar.

Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption

Similar to the property tax exemption, Arizona allows an exemption on the state’s 5.6% sales tax.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit of 26% is available for solar energy systems purchased before December 31, 2022. The tax credit is set to phase out thereafter.

Regrettably, controversial policy in the state has all but phased out net metering incentives. However, it is still available in certain areas, so we encourage you to check with your local utility company to learn more.

How to Find the Best Solar Installer in Arizona

Arizona, the sunniest state in the nation, offers unparalleled value when it comes to harnessing the benefits of solar energy systems. The state has a long history of solar reliance, meaning there are a large number of experienced, reputable solar installers to choose from.

We understand that investing in a solar energy system can be intimidating, but the first step is actually pretty simple. We always recommend speaking with a few of Arizona’s best solar installers to compare quotes and proposals. By comparing these quotes, you can get a better idea of what solar might cost you, and whether solar is worth it for your home or business.

To start receiving quotes from the best solar companies in Arizona, use this tool or complete our form below.

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