10 Best Solar Companies in New York (2022)

When you think of New York, it’s doubtful you’d picture solar panels lining the tops of urban buildings, but the Empire State is actually a top state for solar energy in the U.S. If you’re thinking about going solar, the best first step to make is to find the best solar companies in New York … Read more

From Great Salt Lake to ‘Puddle’: How the Climate Crisis and Water Diversions Are Harming an Icon

In July, the water levels of Utah’s iconic Great Salt Lake fell to a record low. But this wasn’t an isolated incident. A combination of the climate crisis and human water usage have reduced the lake so utterly that The Salt Lake Tribune and AccuWeather announced Monday that they were redrawing their maps to show … Read more

What Is Solar Energy & How Does it Work?

For homeowners who are looking for clean energy solutions, solar power is utterly essential. But what is solar energy, exactly, and how does solar power work? Solar energy is the energy emitted by the sun that reaches the earth’s surface. In this article, we’ll cover how it’s converted into electricity that we use to power … Read more

How to Save the World: Everything You Need to Know About Climate Activism

What is Climate Activism? Climate activism is what happens when people from all over the world come together to put pressure on national and business leaders to take action to safeguard a liveable future. Solving the climate crisis requires making rapid social and technological change for which “there is no documented historic precedent,” as the … Read more