Infrastructure for Insects: Congress Should Invest in Bees and Butterflies

By Malia Libby The insect world’s version of the ultramarathon is now taking place across the United States. Monarch butterflies have started their journey to the groves where they’ll spend the winter. Monarchs west of the Rocky Mountains have a long trip to the California coast before them, while eastern monarchs have a hefty 3,000-mile … Read more

Congressional Report on Toxic Metals in Baby Food Spurs Demand for FDA Action

By Andrea Germanos A new congressional report released Wednesday revealing the baby food industry has failed to keep products with heavy metals off the shelves spurred calls for federal authorities to enact swift action and tough limits on toxin levels. “This is what happens when you let the food and chemical companies, not the FDA, … Read more

Nutritionists and Environmentalists Must Join Hands to Unlock the Power of the Plate

This is the third piece in a series produced by the Global Action Platform on Sustainable Consumption and Diets. Read parts one and two, and learn more by visiting their webpage here. Headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the vulnerability of our food system—far too many people continue to face food shortages or have … Read more

USDA Announces US$3 Billion Investment to Address the Most Pressing Challenges in the Food System

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will invest US$3 billion in agriculture, animal health, and school nutrition. Vilsack also introduced a new initiative to support climate-smart farming and forestry practices. “American agriculture currently faces unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts,” Vilsack says. “The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every stage … Read more

World Leaders Pledge $400 Billion to Boost Clean Energy and Renewables

A group of governments and the private sector on Friday collectively promised more than $400 billion (just over €340 billion) at a high-level summit that called for more urgent action to curb catastrophic climate change. The commitments, made on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, also envisage reliable access to electricity … Read more

Why Solarpunk Gives Me Hope for the Future

When we look out into the murky depths of our future, it’s hard not to despair. The scars of capitalism run ragged through our minds, bodies, and environments. The uncertainty of a world in climate chaos is driving many into a state of apathy. Inaction and status quo politicking is so prevalent among the ruling … Read more