Climate Change Will Force Tuna Migration, Cripple Small Island Nations, Study Finds

The climate crisis and warming waters may cause tuna to redistribute, threatening tuna-dependent economies in the Pacific, a new study concludes. “All fish have preferred water temperatures, i.e., temperatures that suit their physiology best and which provide optimum conditions for growth and reproduction,” explained Johann Bell, lead author on the study and senior director of … Read more

4 Best Toothpaste Tablets With Eco-Friendly Packaging

From shampoo bottles to deodorant sticks, when shopping for daily personal hygiene, it can be hard to find products you love and trust without accumulating waste. Considering the average person goes through six tubes of toothpaste a year, toothpaste tablets are a new and convenient alternative to the thick plastic tubes. Toothpaste tablets are composed … Read more

Why Are Diets and Biodiversity Linked?

This is the second piece in a series produced by the Global Action Platform on Sustainable Consumption and Diets. To learn more, visit the webpage here. Biodiversity is crucial to societies worldwide. Plants produce oxygen and store carbon—both important for climate regulation and creating breathable air—but they also release water and volatile compounds into the atmosphere, … Read more

Solar Leasing Guide: Should You Lease or Buy? (2021)

Solar power is among the most affordable renewable energy options, whether for businesses or homes. Companies that provide solar products are everywhere these days, but to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy, homeowners are faced with a major decision: solar leasing vs. buying panels outright. A solar lease is a long-term contract between … Read more